Insta Pro APK Download v9.80 FREE Latest Version [2023]

Download the most recent Insta Pro APK v9.80 for free. With Insta Pro APK, take advantage of cutting-edge features and limitless access to Instagram. suitable for all Android gadgets. Get it now!

Insta Pro APK Download Latest Version

insta pro apk

Insta Pro ♕ apk Download

App NameInsta Pro APK
PublisherSam Mods
Size60.61 MB
Latest Versionv9.80
Mod InfoInstapro apk for Android
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UpdateSeptember 02, 2023
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Insta Pro APK Latest Version v9.80 Latest Feature In Detail

What is Insta Pro APK v9.80?

Instagram is quit popular social media platform among youth. It is often used to share reels, stories, and images. A third-party programme called Instapro is made to improve the Instagram experience for users. It is an unofficial Instagram version and provides more capabilities not seen in the official Instagram app. Instapro’s most recent version, v9.80, has a number of new features. With Insta Pro APK, you can take your Instagram experience to the next level. We will go into great detail about the most recent features of Instapro v9.80 in this blog.

How does Insta Pro differ from the official Instagram app?

If you also run Instagram and you are upset because of the Basic Feature of Instagram and you want to do a lot which you are not able to do, then you should download Insta Pro app, in this you can save Story, download Reels. You can Lock or Unlock your Chat, Change Wallpaper, Apply New Theme and many more like:-

  • Story download
  • Post download
  • Reals download
  • Chat lock and AppLock
  • See private account
  • Mark as Read Message etc

What are the benefits of using Insta pro App?

  • Multi Account Support
  • Download Media
  • Real followers
  • Increased engagement
  • Targeted audience
  • Safe and secure
  • Saves time and effort
  1. Multi Account Support: Manage multiple Instagram accounts seamlesly within a single app. No need to log in and out repeatedly.
  2. Download Media: Download images, videos, and stories with only one click. Save your favorite content to your device hassle-free.
  3. Real followers: One of the main benefits of using Instapro is that it helps you gain real followers who are interested in your content and engage with it. Unlike fake followers that some other services may provide, Instapro only attracts real users who have the potential to become your loyal followers and subscriber.
  4. Increased engagement: Instapro is like Instagram’s admin dashboard from where you can control your profile. You can get more visitors to your content by applying some tricks in this way you can get more likes, comments, and followers.
  5. Targeted audience: Insta pro app allows you to specifically target an audience those who are interested in your video and reels. With its advanced features, you can track social trends in your niche and change your strategy accordingly.
  6. Safe and secure: Instapro app use advance security measurement to ensure the safety of your account and personal information. It also follows Instagram’s terms of service and guidelines to avoid any potential violations that could terminate your account.
  7. Saves time and effort: Managing an Instagram account manually is time-consuming. By using Instapro you can save a lot of time and effort which you are doing in regular Instagram.

Insta Pro APK v9.80 Latest Features

  1. Dark mode
  2. Long-press to preview
  3. View full-size profile pictures
  4. Save Instagram stories
  5. Repost Instagram posts
  6. Hide view stories
  7. Disable DM read receipts
  8. Disable typing indicator
  9. View Instagram stories anonymously
  10. Download videos and photos from Instagram
  1. Dark Mode: Dark mode is a feature that allows users to switch their Instagram interface from light to dark mode. Dark mode improves battery life of phone and it is also good for the human eye.
  2. Long-Press to Preview: Long-press to preview feature is a feature by which you can see the preview of any photos, videos, and stories without opening them. just you need to long press on the item and it will show on pop-up window.
  3. View Full-Size Profile Pictures: Insta pro apk v9.80 allow you to view full-size profile pictures of any Instagram user. As you tap on the profile picture it will open up in full size.
  4. Save Instagram Stories: Users can save Instagram stories using Insta pro apk v9.80. This feature allows users to download and save Instagram stories to their phone’s gallery.
  5. Repost Instagram Posts: Users can repost Instagram posts using Insta pro apk v9.80. This feature allows users to repost any Instagram post to their profile.
  6. Hide View Stories: APK Insta pro v9.80 allows users to hide their view stories from other users. This feature is beneficial for users who want to keep their viewing habits private.
  7. Disable DM Read Receipts: Users can disable DM read receipts using Insta pro apk v9.80. This feature allows users to read messages without sending a read receipt to the sender.
  8. Disable Typing Indicator: Users can disable the typing indicator using Insta pro apk v9.80. This feature prevents the app from displaying the typing indicator when users are typing a message.
  9. View Instagram Stories Anonymously: Users can view Instagram stories anonymously using Instapro v9.80. This feature is something like that you watched someone’s content and views didn’t count.
  10. Download Videos and Photos from Instagram: Users can download videos and photos from Instagram using Insta pro apk mod v9.80. This feature allows users to save any media from Instagram to their phone’s gallery.


In conclusion, Insta Pro APK is a modified version of the Instagram app that offers additional features and functionality. But the app is not the official Instagram app. Therefore it is a high risk that it may contain malware. If you download and install Insta Pro APK make sure to download from a trusted source.


  1. Is Instapro safe to use?

    Instapro is a third-party app, and it is not related to Instagram's official app. Users should avoid downloading from non trusted platform.

  2. Is Instapro free to use?

    Yes, Instapro is free to use.

  3. How to recover deleted chats in insta Pro app ?

    It's impossible

  4. How to upload 60 second Reels in insta Pro 2 ?

    Enable 60 second in Story feature

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