Apache RTR 310 Reviews: TVS has just unleashed their newest beast on the streets of India

TVS has just unleashed their newest beast on the streets of India – the Apache RTR 310! It’s like the cool cousin of the Apache RR 310. Nowadays all the company’s mid-range bike designs follow KTM looks and color.

TVS Apache RTR 310 Reviews

Performance with safety

When we talk about how well the TVS Apache RTR 310 performs, it’s like magic on wheels! Whether you’re zooming down the open road or weaving through busy city streets, this bike handles like it’s dancing with the wind.

When it comes to safety, you’ll be happy to know that this bike will have a fancy thing called “switchable dual-channel ABS.” It’s like a superhero shield for your brakes And Both wheels will have disc brakes, so you can stop like a pro.

Sleek and Stylish Design

One glance at the TVS Apache RTR 310, and you’ll be captivated by its bold and aggressive design. This bike might have something called “traction control,” which is like having a buddy to help you stay stable on the road. And there’s a thing called a “quick-shifter” that could be on board, making gear changes super smooth.

Comfort for the Long Rides

Long rides are a breeze on the TVS Apache RTR 310, thanks to its comfortable seating and well-designed ergonomics. The bike will roll on 17-inch alloy wheels – they’re like the sneakers for motorcycles! In the front, it’ll have something called “USD forks” (they help with bumps), and in the back, there’s a “monoshock” – it’s like a comfy pillow for your ride.

Engine Performance

Under the hood, or should I say, under the tank, there’s a powerful 312cc liquid-cooled engine. It’s the same one you find in the Apache RR 310 and the BMW G 310 R. This engine can produce a peak torque of 27Nm and 33bhp – that’s a lot of oomph! And it’s got a six-speed gearbox with something called an “assist and slipper clutch” – it’s like having a smooth operator for gear shifts.

Fuel Efficiency and Range

In an era where fuel efficiency is paramount, the TVS Apache RTR 310 strikes a perfect balance between power and economy. It also manages to be reasonably efficient when ridden sensibly.

TVS Apache RTR 310 Mileage

In real-world conditions, the Apache RTR 310 can deliver a mileage of around 34.45 kmpl, depending on riding style and conditions.

TVS Apache RTR 310 Fuel Tank Capacity

The Apache RTR 310 comes with a 11 liter fuel tank, which provides a decent range between refueling stops. Whether you’re tackling the city traffic or embarking on a highway adventure, the bike’s range is sufficient to keep you going without frequent refueling stops.

Competitors Bike

Now, let’s chat about the other players of this bike. The TVS Apache RTR 310 is gonna have some rivals, like the speedy KTM 390 Duke, the fancy BMW G 310 R, and there’s even a cool cat from Royal Enfield known as the Hunter 450 (or you can call it the Roadster 450 if you fancy).

Apache RTR 310 Important Specifications

TVS Apache RTR 310 Launch Date6 September, 2023
TVS Apache RTR 310 PriceRs. 2.43 lakh
Engine312.12 cc
Power35.6 PS
Torque28.7 Nm
Kerb Weight169 kg
BrakesDouble Disc
Tyre TypeTubeless
Fuel Tank Capacity11 liter
Mileage34.45 kmpl
Article CategoryAutomobile

Fastest TVS Bike – Apache RTR 310 | First Look

What does the new TVS Apache RTR 310 look like?

First off, imagine a spy movie where the secret agent is a motorcycle. That’s what this bike looks like! It’s got a sleek and sporty design that’ll make heads turn. Think split LED headlights, a sharp fuel tank with fancy shrouds, a comfy two-piece seat, and a tail that’s higher than your aspirations. And don’t even get me started on that exhaust – it’s like something straight out of a sci-fi movie!

Now, let’s talk comfort. The Apache RTR 310 gives you a single-piece tubular handlebar, and the footpegs are set slightly back for that sporty feel. But guess what? You won’t have to bend like a pretzel to ride this beauty because the rider’s position is comfy and upright. It’s like TVS read your mind and designed the perfect ride for you.

Does the new Apache RTR 310 come with the same engine as its RR 310 sibling?

You won’t believe it, but TVS decided to share their super cool 312.2cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine with the Apache RTR 310, just like they did with the RR 310. This engine is a real powerhouse, pushing out 35 horsepower at 9700rpm and 28.7 Newton-meters of torque at 6650rpm. And to make things even more awesome, it’s got a six-speed gearbox and a fancy slipper-and-assist clutch.

Now, hold onto your hats because this bike can zoom like a rocket! TVS claims it can hit a top speed of 150 kilometers per hour. So get ready to feel the wind in your hair as you cruise on this speed demon!

And if you’re wondering how fast this bad boy can go, well, hold onto your helmet because the claimed top speed is a cool 150 kilometers per hour! That’s like having your own personal wind machine, right?

What is the Design and Aesthetics for the new Apache RTR 310?

TVS gave the Apache RTR 310 a fancy new frame that’s like its secret weapon! This bike’s got some super cool suspension and a monoshock in the back. But here’s the kicker: You can tweak them to make your ride super comfy or extra bouncy because they come with adjustments for preload, compression, and rebound.

Dual Channel ABS

Apache RTR 310 is equipped with dual channel ABS And when it’s time to slow down (safety first, right?), this bike got your back with a single disc up front and another in the rear. Both of them work together with dual-channel ABS to keep you in control. Wheels are 17 inches of pure awesomeness, wrapped in these special dual compound radial tires that’ll stick to the road like glue.

Is TVS Apache RTR 310  equipped with digital features?

Hold onto your handlebars because the new Apache is like a tech wizard on wheels! It’s got these super cool LED lights that light up the road like a runway. But that’s not all, it’s got this fancy digital TFT thingy that can even talk to your GoPro Mobile. Imagine your bike having a chat with your action camera!

SmartXonnect Connectivity technology

In this digital age, Now, this full-color TFT display shows you all the important stuff, like how fast you’re going, how far you’ve traveled, and even how much fuel you have left. It’s like a mini computer on your bike! Plus, it’s buddy-buddy with your smartphone, so you can see who’s calling or texting you while you’re cruising.

Enhance Rider Safety

Safety? Check! The Apache RTR 310 has ABS to help you stop on a dime, a side stand that knows when to behave, and even ride modes to suit your mood. But wait, there’s more! This bike is so smart it can control the temperature of your seat (no more hot buns in the summer!) and has this fancy six-axis thingy to make sure you don’t slip and slide in corners. It even watches your tire pressure and can change gears like a pro!

What is the On Road price for the new TVS Apache RTR 310?

The TVS Apache RTR 310 is available in 3 cool versions and 2 awesome colors! In India, it starts at just Rs. 2.43 lakh and goes up to Rs. 2.64 lakh (that’s the price tag before it even leaves the showroom in Delhi). But wait for the magic day on September 7, 2023 – you might snag it for a super special on-road price of around Rs. 1.99 lakh!

This bike is up for some friendly competition with the KTM 390 Duke, BMW G 310 R, and even its little buddy, the KTM 250 Duke. But here’s the scoop: the KTM 390 Duke is getting a makeover soon, so it’s like a showdown of the cool kids on the block!

So if you’re ready to join the motorcycle party, get your coins ready and keep an eye out for these thrilling rides hitting the road.

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